Big Buck “Packet” Big Buck Land Management Packet – The Doro Way


A “Bucket List” is a list of things-to-do that many people gather and want to accomplish before they leave this earth and go to heaven! Such as climbing Mt. Everest, deep-sea diving, seeing Hawaii, or taking a “MONSTER WHITETAIL BUCK”. Whitetail Mission can HELP you with the buck!!! These “HOW-TO” Tactics, Strategies, Tips, Set-ups and Whitetailology were gathered, used, learned and proven over 50 years of research and hunting. They are not gimmicks but proven methods to see, hold more deer and of course to get opportunities to kill that “MONSTER BUCK”. This Whitetail “Packet” can give you a “Life-time” of “Learning” in a short period of time. This Packet is not for the “occasional” hunter but for the hunter who owns 10 acres or a thousand and wants to shoot BIG bucks and learn their tendencies. These tips are not “GIMMICKS” but “BUCK-KILLED” used strategies for YOUR property!!

All of you landowners have a “High Investment” in your land. Most whitetail hunters go there whole life and get to shoot maybe one or two WHOPPER Bucks off of their land. I can get you “Set-up” to kill a Big Buck Every Year!! For pennies on your investment you will get 100% potential out of their land.

Do you Realize that landowners ONLY get 20% POTENTIAL OUT OF THERE LAND. WE CAN CHANGE THAT!! Be your property BIG or small, with our packet explanations, photo”s, writings, and “how-to-advice”, YOU can have deer heaven on your land starting NOW!!

“Safe-at-home” Sweet Spot “Build it and  they will come”

What is the #1 reason a MATURE buck will prefer a certain area over another for his life? It’s NOT girls, it’s NOT food, it’s specific security! And we will teach you to set it up.

The ”X-Factor”

You will grow BIGGER, HEALTHIER deer on your property and train fawn to stay home on your land. .

“Like Taking Candy from a Baby”

Attractants are not all the same… Try these!!!

“Circle of Life”

WATER your WAY to the BIGGEST bucks in your neighborhood.

The “Red Zone” Rub-A-Dub

Rubs are the scent post and focal points of the biggest bucks in any Whitetail area… And our course will show you how to develop them on your land.

The “Knoll Truth”

Where do deer spend 70% of their life? IN THEIR BEDS. Then why not put the beds on your land to keep them there? Mounds of why / where / And how to tips!!

The “Green Mile”

Food plots are critical on your property, but seed companies are only in it for the big dollar bucks. We’ll show you the truth about what you need from food plots to kill big bucks and not to spend big bucks.

“Scent Heaven”

They used to say…the way to a man’s heart…is thru his stomach. Well, I’m here to tell you, that the way THRU a Big Buck’s heart is thru his NOSE!! Old Timers tell of the Hub of a scrape breeding area, the best place to take a big buck. Will show you how to build that hub on your property and drag neighboring bucks to you.

All Hunting Season “Triple Threat”

This “SET-UP” method will work the first year, but will take a few years to get up to 100% efficiency. Once going, it will bring deer and especially BIG bucks from miles away to your hunting area! Early season, mid-season, and late hunting will be awesome with this tactic. Over time, this tree tactic could be your number one kill area.

Try These!!!


With photos examples setups and explanations for $333 complete Plus FREE shipping and handling.


Our Whitetail Misstion Guarantee… If after one year you do not see and Improvement on your land with benefits and or opportunities to shoot bigger bucks… Will refund your money.

Thank You!!

A “Whitetail Nut” Adam Doro

“Psalm 7:I O Lord my God, In you I take refuge.”

Crash Course will be $333 w/ FREE S&H.

ANY questions…we’ll talk!

Success to the Next Generation “Doro Boys”

Bottom Line… These courses will explain and show you with photos how to setup your property to kill Big Bucks Consistently.